Terms and Conditions for Aurea Salon Gift Cards

Gift cards are transferable, but are not redeemable for cash. Gift cards issued for a service are based on the current service value at time of purchase and will not be adjusted in the event of a service price increase. Gift cards issued for services are based on the starting price for the service. Aurea Salon’s service providers have varying service prices based on skill and experience level so the actual price of a scheduled appointment may be higher than the value of the gift card; please make sure to inquire about service provider rates when scheduling appointments and paying with a gift card. A gift card recipient name must be provided at the time of purchase to allow Aurea Salon to research gift cards if lost.

Appointment Guarantee, No-Show and Cancellation Policy

Salons and spas make revenues by selling time to our guests. Should that guest not show up or not call until the last moment before his or her appointment, we can not fill that cancellation in time. Out of courtesy to you, we will never overbook our schedules to accommodate. Please call 48 hours in advance to reschedule or cancel an appointment.

All services/appointments that require 60+ minutes, Color/Chemical Processes; VoMor™ Extensions; and Brazilian Blowout appointments require an authorized card on file in order to reserve your appointment with your stylist. Adjustments to your appointment(s) (no-shows, last-minute cancellations, last-minute reschedules) made within 24 hours of its starting time will result in a 50% charge of the service(s) on the card left on file.

For appointments booked in-person or over the phone, a third no-show, last-minute cancellation, or last-minute reschedule will result in full pre-payment for any and all future appointments. For appointments booked online through a third party, a gift certificate must be purchased for at least the amount of the service(s) that were booked.

A no-show or last-minute cancellation for appointments booked online will result in the loss of this gift certificate. We understand that things happen in life and there will be times when a guest is late or misses his or her appointment. If you are late getting to your appointment and the service provider can not see you, we will try very hard to get you in with another service provider to respect your time and to respect the time of the other guests that are booked after your original appointment. We value you as a guest and we try very hard to have your time with us run as smoothly as possible.

We confirm reservations with a variety of platforms. We send email and text message reminders up to three days prior to your appointment time, and we call up to two days prior to your appointment time—just ask to sign up with our front desk staff. If you feel that you have a reservation and did not receive a call, please contact us as soon as possible. Please listen to the reservations stated in your confirmation call to ensure that all of your services have been booked correctly.


Requests must be made within seven days from the date of service. They also must be performed by the same stylist or one of the same level.


We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. No checks.

Cell Phones

Out of courtesy to our guests, we ask that cell phones be switched to silent mode and not used while at Aurea Salon.

Product Returns & Exchange Policy

Products may be returned within seven days from the date of purchase for a full refund. Exchanges or store credits only are given after up to 60 days of purchase date. All returns must have a receipt.

Food in the Salon

Aroma is one of Aveda’s main points of difference. As a result, we ask that you refrain from bringing large meals to your appointments, as it throws off the aroma experience for other guests. There is hair, hairspray, barbicide and alcohol from sanitizing in the air, and that doesn’t taste very good … trust us, we know. We ask that you are courteous to others and help us in maintaining the highest level of experience that you all have come to love.


Children may not be in the retail areas unless supervised by an adult at all times. Out of respect to our other guests and for their own safety, children (10 and under) are not allowed in the service areas unless they are receiving a service themselves. Please keep in mind that no one will be available to supervise your children while you are receiving your service. For this reason, children who are not receiving services, will not be allowed in the salon while a guardian/supervisor/parent is receiving services. Please plan accordingly for your upcoming appointments. We will ask you to reschedule, at your expense. Aurea Salon appreciates your cooperation.